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    Group made its debut and announ▓ced new business areas, a sales platform, membershi▓p system a

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    nd company mascot at the press confer▓ence held on Tuesday.BTG Hotel Group spent 11 billion

     yuan (1.6 billion U.S. dollars) in 2016 taking over▓ Homeinns, one of the largest chain hotel group in China.In recent years, with the upgrading of domest▓ic consumption structure,

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    China's h▓otel groups started to flock into the high-end hot▓el market.BTG Hotel Group is a leading▓ player in China's high-end h

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otel market, while Homeinns is competitive in China's econo▓my hotel market. The acquisition will enhance the competiti

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veness of the two comp▓anies in the future hotel market, said Sun Jian, general manager of BTG Homeinns Hotels Group.The group n▓ow has 520 mid-priced and high-end hote

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tap Chinese market amid growing competitionApple to further tap Chinese market amid growin▓g competition03-22-2017 07:09 BJTBEIJING, March 2▓1 (Xinhua) -- Apple expects its business and social initiatives to go further and deeper in China which has "enormous strength", according to CEO Tim Cook.Cook arrived last week to attend the 2017 ▓China Development Forum (CDF). His trips to China frequently include visiting local iOS ▓developers."The momentum is tremendou▓s," he said in an interview on Tuesd▓ay. Apple has paid developers in China a total of 90 b▓il

lion yuan (13 billion U.S. dollars) since▓ its app store went online in 2008, 40 billion yuan of which was in the last 12 months.There are▓ nearly 1.8 million i

OS developers in China, home to about 700 million mobile Internet u▓sers. China surpassed America in iOS App

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Store downloads in 2015 and claimed the top spot for iOS App Store revenue.In terms of app development, China is growing faster than any other country, Cook sai▓d."There is no

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eading hotel group vying for high-end marke tChina's leadi ng hotel group vying f or▓ high-end market03-29-2017 07:28 BJTBEIJING, March 28 (Xinhua) - - China's leading hotel firm BTG Ho?/a> 坱el Group announc ed on Tues day that it ha s completed bu siness integration a fter ▓acquiring H omeinns Group and will vie for the hig▓h-end hotel mark et.After acquisition, BTG Homeinns Hotels 衡水市5G 尤溪县5G 建平县5G 嘉禾县5G 五指山市wap 普陀区wap 曲周县wap 潮州市wap 甘孜藏族自治州wap 营口市wap 哈尔滨市5G 岱山县5G 武清区wap 涪陵区wap 金寨县wap 康平县5G 铅山县wap 赫章县wap 涿州市5G 汉沽区wap 传奇私服单机版登陆器 传奇私服补丁怎么下载 热血传奇私服手游 微端传奇私服新开区网站 传奇私服新开网变态 手机传奇私服下载 今日新开传奇私服网址 想开传奇私服找谁 传奇私服单机怎么给自己充值 九彩影月传奇私服